High Temperature Aging Chambers and Rooms

The High & Low Temperature Aging Test (Chamber) Zoom is designed to replicate a hostile environment of high temperature to test the reliability and stability of important laboratory equipment. It is a significant step for manufacturing industry to improve products quality and competitive ability. The chamber is widely used in electrical and electronic industry, semiconductor, consuming electronics, computer devices, telecommunications, biology and pharmacy industry and chemistry industry, etc. The test can tell the defective products or components and provide solutions to solve the problems and to improve production and products quality.

• PID algorithm automatically controls test chamber’s temperature.
• Multiple sets of independent temperature protectors, to prevent temperature out of control.
• Special design on box structure, for effective heat preservation and insulation.
• Modular fabrication technique.
• APP for mobile management.
• Patented air circulation system improves test’s accuracy.
• The smart program protects all equipments by monitoring overcurrent, overheat , abnormal power supply and other working malfunctions.
• Independent thermal protector and sensors keep test specimen off over temperature, breezeless and smog.
• Automatic exhaust function is under control.
• Uniquely operation mode makes testing zone’s temperature back to R.T after test, which protects sample status.
• Optional remote service function and video CD of equipment operation.


1. Optional Accessories

• Independent sensor for protecting test specimen(compliant with NE60519 -2.1993)

• Lead through Φ100mm

• Nitrogen gas auxiliary device

• Accessory bag

• Software for Internet-based management

• Video monitor system

• APP for mobile management

2. Standard Accessories

• 1 Lead through with Φ50mm

• 1 Silicon stopper for lead through

• 2 Stainless steel shelves

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