Code of Conduct

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1.Compliant with Law:
Law compliance is a basic conduct principle that BAOYT Group has been upholding.All our activities about research, development,production, sales and services are carried out under this principle.
2.Fair Competition:
BAOYT Group advocates and implements fair competition through its domestic and international business. 
We give full respect to the interest of customers and competitors, and strictly prohibit any agreement that violates relevant laws, industry practices, or impairs customers’interests.
We promise not to engage in any corruption activity, including but not limited to offer gifts, money, remunerations and gain, for dishonest gains.
4.Interest Conflict:
BAOYT Group makes every effort to prevent any direct or indirect conflict between the group and all its
management, officers and employees.
5.International Trade:
We always abide by the laws, regulations, orders and rules stipulated by any China or foreign authority for international business.
6.Work Environment:
BAOYT Group goes all out to provide a fair work environment and relevant welfare required by national and local laws for all its employees regardless of their sex, sexual preference, nationality and complexion. Any bias would be punished seriously. 
7.Child Labor:
BAOYT Group does not, and requires its partners not to employ any child labor, as required relevant laws.
8.Occupational Health,Firefighting and Environmental Protection:
The conception of Occupational Health, Firefighting and Environmental Protection is fully fulfilled during our production process, equipment purchase and daily operations. We firmly believe its our common obligation to minimize the damage to our people and our environment.
It is a common sense that knowledge and information are essential to business success. During past years, BAOYT Group has invested abundant financial and human resources in its R&D and service activities for
business development. Any of its management, officer or employee is obliged to keep our business secrets from being disclosed to any third party in written or electronic form.
10.Privacy Protection:
We have set up an effective mechanism to protect our employees’privacy. No disclosure is allowed.
11.Target Audience:
This code of conduct is applicable to all BAOYT Group’s employees and subsidiaries.