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Which manufacturer of mold test chamber is better for biological and plant incubators?

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ENVSIN environmental testing equipment manufacturers focus on environmental simulation equipment research and development and production has been 20 years, the cumulative cooperation of more than 170 of the world''''s top 500, the company has been adhering to the customer needs what we build, focus on environmental equipment will not because of too little customer demand and refuse on the contrary, the company has been focusing on high-precision product development and input tank test chamber, explosion pressure reducing test box, low temperature and low pressure test chamber, large aerospace test plant, Biological and plant culture test chambers and many other products, which is why hundreds of Fortune 500 companies cooperate with us.

What is a mold test chamber?

  Mold is widely distributed in natural environments such as soil, water, and air. Because mold spores can survive in the air for a longer period of time and can be transmitted to other objects through the air, it is ubiquitous. Mold brings many troubles and hazards to human life and health, and its detection, research and application naturally increase. Mold incubator is used to accelerate its growth and reproduction of special incubators, mainly used in the cultivation of biological and plant molds, of course, can also be used to store strains, cultivate other types of microorganisms and so on.
Mold incubators can also be used to assess the resistance of electronic components and electronic products, and test and judge the performance changes of products in humid and hot environments. In artificial three-proof, mold incubator is an important testing equipment, which plays an important role in colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, chemical industry, biology and other fields. Mold incubator is composed of box, disinfection ultraviolet lamp, heater, circulating fan, temperature sensor, intelligent temperature controller, humidity sensor, humidifier, refrigerator and overtemperature protector, etc., which can maintain the temperature and humidity in the box at a certain value according to the needs of users, and can be used for microbial culture, physical property test of objects, feeding insects and small animals, plant germination, biological product storage, blood and chemical storage.

  High humidity and changeable weather is when all kinds of molds are most active, whether it is food processing plants, industrial production workshops, kitchen cutting boards, wet sanitary dead spots... will find mold. Therefore, the culture, detection and study of mold is very important.
ENVSIN is one of the manufacturers of environmental simulation equipment and many mold test chambers, and it is also one of the few manufacturers in the industry to cooperate with hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, if you are looking for biological and plant culture test chamber manufacturers, we are a good choice. Looking forward to your cooperation.