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Envsin Open Industry Courses

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On Sep. 12, 2015, in ShenZhen, China, Mr. Chen, the CEO of Envsin Instruments Equipment Co. Ltd opened the courses on environmental and climatic simulation industry, to enlighten researchers, engineers, sales and after-salesmen and other workers of the industry, especially from Envsin to understand it more and behavior much better to prepare to meet the higher requirements of the global markets with his decades of experiences and knowledge. 

Mr. Chen mentions, that to remain competitive, as a manufacturer or as a retailer/importer sourcing private label products, you will be looking to extend your warranty terms and to ensure your products will function effectively over its expected life. The cost of the environmental testing necessary to support an extended warranty can be set against the cost of failures in the field and loss of reputation. And if you design in environmental requirements right at the product design stage, you stand a greater chance of a better product, faster to market, with much lower costs of design corrections. 

At the moments, the Envsin has already developed 27 technology patents and 10 exterior appearance patents, and the environmental simulation capabilities include:

• Extremely high and low temperatures
• Large, swift variations in temperature
• Blowing and settling sand and dust
• Salt spray and salt fog
• Very high or low humidity
• Wet environments
• Weathering resistance
• Vibrations (airborne and structural)
• Tensile factors
• Solar radiation and UV
• High and low pressures (especially for aeronautical and space equipment)

Envsin has the most excellent researchers and engineers who dedicate to innovations and quality assurance. Mr Chen unveils a large big blueprint of the industry in the future and we believe we will be there one day.