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Reliability Testing in Walk-in Climate Chamber

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  Customers are offered great diversity in reliability testing, for every product or prototype where quality is essential. Pre-qualification and pre-certification testing by means of climate, sun-simulation, corrosion, operational lifetime,drop and vibration testing and more are available.
  “This is, in part,thanks to the Reliability Center’s facilities, our knowledge base, and our partner network,” says Mr Yang, Reliability Engineer. “Customers receive support in designing and performing operational tests. Our engineers translate a test request into a structured experiment to test the reliability of devices. A great deal of expertise, facilities and equipment is available for building automated stress and characterization setups for the execution of reliability tests.
  “All climate chambers are available to third parties. Here, we can stress products with a controlled temperature and humidity profile. The Walk-in Chamber is exceptionally large, measuring 2 x 2 x 2 meters, and provides a wide range of temperatures, from -70°C to 150°C, and humidity levels from 10% to 98%. This enables many different applications. For example, we’ve recently tested a car chassis, solar panels, medical equipment, LED panels, packaging materials and even carried out several experiments to monitor climate effects on human skin.