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Envsin dedicates to Automotive Industry to improve vehicle safety

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During the past few days, Volkswagen Deutschland, one of the biggest auto enterprises around the globe, has been through one of its most difficult times: Volkswagen is in a clean diesels candal, which is proved by one test lab.

This incidents attracts attention of the world about the safety of the auto quality while the manufacturer can deceive markets in one way or another.

Envsin, dedicates itself to the automotive industry test area for 18 years and has developed a series of test chambers or equipment to test the reliability of autos, and won wide reputation around the globe. At present, Envsin has built firm and long relationship with Apple Inc., Huawei Group and other world famous company.

When the auto industry is facing difficulties, Envsin is trying its best, by developing new high tech test chambers and instrument, to lead the test industry to assist development and rebuilt confidence of the market to it.